Is to build non-conventional guitars, crafted by hand and designed by heart. We use eco-friendly Nordic wood and hand-wound pickups too. Our guitars are just as unique as every owner of Dahlberg Guitars is.


The electric guitar has always been an instrument full of attitude, feelings, inspiration, and dreams. It is safe to say, that we were drawn to the electric guitar from the first time we picked one up.

But due to slow fingers, we never dreamt of being the onstage rockstars. Instead, we dreamt of creating our very own guitars and supply the rockstars with our handcrafted guitars – this early dream was the foundation of Dahlberg Guitars.


2011 was a turning point for us – we established Dahlberg Guitars and got one step closer to fulfill our lifelong dream. We had spent many years perfecting our models, which combines our dreams, approaches, and desires into classic-inspired designs.

We reached out to great selected great musicians and offered them to test the first handcrafted Dahlberg guitars. Now Dahlberg Guitars are played around the world – from Denmark to New Zealand.

Until 2011, we have worked with professions such as carpeting, while we spent the years on designing, making and testing several prototypes.

We never forgot our childhood dreams about rock n’ roll.


Not using exotic woods only due to conservatism. Instead, we source eco-friendly and non-CITES registered Nordic woods. Why? Because we can make unique and great instruments while preserving our planets to the next generation of musicians and others.

Rosewood fretboards are still possible though, but it might delay the order, due to the new CITES-regulations and needed paperwork.

We build guitars with more than our hands, tools, and machines. We do it with our hearts, and our love and passion – because, that is what music is about.

We at Dahlberg Instruments ensure, that our guitars are top-class quality.

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