About Dahlberg Brothers

Dahlberg instruments are all crafted by hand with a touch of modern technology in our workshop in Western Sealand, Denmark. Our vision is to build beautiful instruments with superb playability.

From an environmental point of view, we strive to use as little exotic wood as possible, and build our instruments from local sustainable materials such as European ash, maple, alder, walnut etc.

We aim to combine traditional and modern craftsmanship for perfect balance. All of our instruments are routed in CNC machines, then sanded, fitted and finished by hand.

The main goal at Dahlberg instruments is to break preconceived ideas by thinking unconventionally.

Dahlberg Bros.



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CNC routing the DBG-C3 model

CNC routing a DBG M2 body

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Contact usĀ kontakt@dahlberg-instruments.dk

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